Saturday, October 24, 2009

CPS Fall Festival!

This morning, Cartersville Primary School hosted its annual Fall Festival.  This is the big fundraiser for the year for the CPS PTC, and they've been having this festival since Saunders and I were students at CPS (and probably before that).  It is always a big, big deal.  Classes make baskets for auctioning off, each class runs a booth for games, and there's a grill-out lunch.  I missed last year's festival - we were in Arizona - so, I was excited to take Katie Anne this year and see all the fun!

Katie Anne was so pumped for the "Fall Fiesta" as she called it ... too much Dora.  :)  We got into our best fall play wear (I really wanted her to wear her bishop dress, but I knew that wasn't practical for game playing... and thank goodness I let my practical side override my fashion side, because there were bouncy houses), and off we went!

First, we stopped by the bank to see Daddy.  Poor Saunders - he had to work this Saturday and missed the Fall Festival!  He did stop by on his way home, right as we were leaving, and he got to see it.

Katie Anne and Daddy check out his crowded desk -
lots of work to do!

Then, it was off to the Fall Festival. 
Katie Anne is eyeing all those games to play!

So much fun to be had!  Katie Anne loved the velcro toss and actually stuck two of the five toss balls to the velcro pads!

Then, it was off to the little bobbing for pumpkins tub...


And walk away without evening looking,
because you're just that awesome.

Here goes the winning toss...
right into the left side pocket!

The putting was a little more challenging...

But the fishing was right up her alley!

Then, it was outside for fun on the kindergarten playground!

I can't believe how big our little girl is getting... look at her eating this slice of pizza all by herself like a big kid!

And, she's outgrown her fear of the Chic-fil-A cow... anyone remember this scene last Christmas?  Well, she has totally gotten over it and loves the cow now!  She's getting so big!

You've got to love the "Little Canes Photo Studio"!

We had a great time at the CPS Fall Festival!


cindy glawson said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. She seems to be a great bowler! In the first pictures of KA and Saunders, they look just alike. Goodness!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I love the picture of KA sitting with Saunders at his office! She looks so proud! So sweet:)