Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lost Posts - #1

When I got out our printer today to print awards for our ten year reunion tonight, I opened the scanner top and - lo and behold - I found stuff in there!  Apparently, last May, I had planned on scanning some things to save for posterity and post on the blog, but I just tucked them into the scanner and forgot about them.  Oops!  May was a crazy busy month, so I guess I can forgive myself.

Here's the first lost post... I got a little envelope in my school mailbox, and inside I found the sweetest note from one of my former students, Cassi Tibbets.  I had Cassi in fourth grade during my first year of teaching.  I loved reading Cassi's letter and wanted to save it for reading later when school seems more like a J.O.B. and not so F.U.N.  Sometimes as a teacher, you wonder if all your hard work really matters in the end.  It really means so much to get this kind of positive feedback from a former student, especially to know that I'm still making an impact so many years later.  You can click on the letter to enlarge it and read it... Cassi wrote with silver ink pen, so it is kind of hard to read.


I can't wait to read her first novel - that's going to mention me!

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