Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday, Saunders!

Today is Saunders's actual birthday, so the celebrating continued!

First of all, today was Read for the Record Day.  Guest readers come in to our school and read the same book aloud to all our students ... all across the country, this scene is repeated as we try to beat the record for the most kids reading the same book at the same time.  Dr. Hart, our librarian, had asked Saunders to come in and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to two classes, one of which was mine.  So, we went this morning to hear Saunders read to us ... the kids were totally excited to listen to "Mr. Saunders", and Saunders did a great job!

Of course, little did Saunders know that we'd planned a surprise for him back in the classroom!

So, after our reading session in the library, we rushed back to our classroom while Saunders walked slowly back to the room.  Of course, he had no idea what was going on!  ;)  When he walked in and saw his balloons, cupcakes, crown, and handmade cards - and heard the class scream, "Surprise!" - he couldn't believe it! 
A kindergarten surprise party!

Saunders and all his goodies

He loved his crown!  I don't think he wore it back to the bank, though.  Wonder why not?

Party Time!

Saunders and his cupcake

Tomorrow is Sizzie's birthday, so we were celebrating her today as well.  Here are the birthday boy and girl together!

Saunders loved all his handmade birthday cards... each kid explained their writing and pictures to him.

We had a great surprise party!

Then, for dinner this evening, Katie Anne and I took Saunders to dinner at Hearth and Harvest.  We had a delicious supper and a fun time together!  Katie Anne was the only one who had dessert - a big bowl of ice cream - but of course she was nice enough to share with Daddy on his birthday.

Happy 29th!

Ready to open his last present...

A new UGA pullover!

Happy Official Birthday, Saunders!


Carrie Beth said...

That is so sweet. He's a great sport! I'm off to look for your post about refinishing the playhouse for Katie Anne. I've got it in my head I want one for Handley for Christmas, but don't want to spend a ton of money so I'm hoping to find an older one and make it "look" new. I may have questions for you!

cindy glawson said...

Really cute post. I love the way Saunders kept his fingers out of the way when he was reading the books to the class. Good job! Great pictures especially the ones of him at Hearth and Harvest.