Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Halloween Block Party

Last night, my parents' street hosted a Halloween Block Party.  It was a lot of fun!  Everyone dressed up from the kids all the way up to adults.  There was lots of food - hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, lots of hot dips and chips, and tons of sweets for dessert.  My parents' neighbor, Alice, had several games for everyone to play as well as fun prizes for the kids.  We lit up the fire pit at dark, and people roasted marshmellows and made smores.  We also carved pumpkins - and Sarah carved a watermelon!

There were lots of great costumes - it was so fun to go to dress up and go to a costume party!  Katie Anne wore a Snow White dress - although not her real one.  I bought her a cheap Target version so she could play freely, and it was a good thing I did - she spent about 30 minutes of the party sliding and rolling down the grassy hill in Marenda's front yard!  Saunders went as Prince Charming, and I was the Wicked Queen from the Snow White movie.  My parents dressed up as a geisha girl and a ninja.  Tim and Alice were creepy old people, Sarah was a jail bird, and their friend Nikki and her daughter Ariana were clowns.  John was a hippie, Teresa was a witch, and their son Will was Dracula... not sure what their daughter Eryn was, but she was wearing pink pajamas.  There was another couple dressed as hippies, and a few neighbors came out just dressed as themselves.  Greg and Jillian, who'd just gotten back from their cruise and were coming to my parents' house to pick up their dogs, came out and partied, too ... since they didn't have costumes, they said they were dressed up as "Hot Stuff" and "Sexy".  However, I thought their costumes looked a lot like two Pepsi fans, but maybe that's just me.  :)

Here are some fun pictures of the night! 
**There is no music - so don't worry when none plays.  I just didn't like any of the Smilebox Halloween songs.
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cindy glawson said...

Lots of fun! I think we need to start planning another block party for Christmas.