Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Merry Christmas, too!

Why am I wishing you these greetings so early in the season?
Because we got our family pictures made for Christmas cards - and we even snuck a few fall photos in there - and the proofs are now online!

Karen Baker of Karen Baker Photography made photos of us at Saunders's parents' house a few weeks ago.  Saunders and I went to school with Karen, and we were very impressed with her photos on her website and blog.  We couldn't wait for her to make some family pictures for us!  We had a great time taking pictures all around Doc and VJ's yard and in the house, and I just love all the pictures!

To see the slideshow of some of the images, click on this link:

At the end of the show, you'll be prompted to view the online gallery.  If you'd like to do that, the access code is - Jones.

Let me know what you think and which ones you like best!


Carrie Beth said...

Love them!!! You look amazing in all the photos and Katie Anne is such a cutie. To answer your question about the high-chair cover, no - I did not make it. I bought it from someone who lives near my mom that makes them.

Kelly said...

They all look fantastic. My #1 fave is the first one of the 3 of you sitting down. My favorites of the red dress ones are the ones with her in the foreground and you two in the background, but only bc I love that style. I think they're all awesome and don't envy you for having to choose!

Vanessa said...

They all look amazing! I saw the sneak pics the other day on Karen's blog and knew you were going to be so excited to see the full session! Good luck picking - you can't go wrong with any of them!

Jason, Stephanie, Chase and Cole said...

All of the pictures are great! I just love every one of them, especially the fall pictures. By the way, you look fantastic and Katie Anne is too cute! Hope all is well.