Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Awesome New Administrators!

I really like my new bosses at CPS - Walter Gordon and Bertha Nelson - a lot.

After our principal Mrs. Scheff and our AP Mr. Wilson - both of whom I also really liked - left last year, we got two new administrators this year.  Mr. Gordon, our new principal, takes our school's success very seriously, and I think he values hard workers and rule followers. Since I am a hard worker and a rule follower, we're getting along quite well so far.  He's really raising the standards for teachers, parents, and students, and I am really happy with the way our school is headed.  Ms. Nelson, our AP, is great as well.  She's very type-A, organized, color-coded, OCD ... people say we must be related!  Needless to say, I really enjoy working for her because I understand exactly what she's talking about and get her expectations, and she doesn't think I'm completely weirdo or insane when I do my little OCD things.

I liked them even before this morning, but I like them a lot now!  Look at this!

This morning, Mr. Gordon (not pictured - he was in another room when I took this), Ms. Nelson (on the right), and some office staff members (Ms.Godwin, our bookkeeper, is pictured on the left) delivered us breakfast!  See Ms. Nelson ringing her little bell?  That's to announce to the teachers that the breakfast cart has arrived!  We got "room service" with donuts, muffins, and a selection of juices!

Why?  No reason... just to brighten our day on a random Thursday morning and say thanks for all our hard work!  Isn't that amazing!?!?  It made my day!

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