Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wiggy Woman

Today, I had to stop by WalMart on my way to pick up Katie Anne to grab a few supplies for my class party tomorrow.  I waited until the last minute to buy Halloween goodies, hoping I could score some good clearance deals and not spend too much.  It worked!  Most of the Halloween supplies at WalMart were 30% off, and I got several packages of goodies for my party there.

I also saw that their wig selections were on sale!  There were three little kid-sized wigs on sale - only $3.00 each!  I bought one of each for Katie Anne to try.  I thought these would be a fun addition to her dress up basket.

At first, she wasn't exactly sure about wearing wigs (or "dress up hair", as she called it).  She said they were itchy and "pokey".  But, once she saw herself in the blonde wig, she was hooked!  She loved it so much that I had to work hard to convince her not to wear the blonde wig to Kindermusik.  Here are some pictures of her in the "dress up hair".

I may be beautiful, but I don't like itchy dress up hair.

This is a totally fake smile for my mom's benefit, so she'll take this pokey wig off me!

Ugh, Mom is making me try on another one!  Weirdo!

How many times do I have to say I don't like this?

Hey, wait a minute... who is that Dolly Parton wannabe in the mirror?

Oh my gosh, it's me!

I look amazing!

Mom told me that, if I tried it, I would like dress up hair, and I do!

Now, I'll never take off this dress up hair!  I love it!


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Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I'm totally stealing this idea and looking for some "dress up hair" when I make my Walmart run this afternoon.

KA is adorable as usual!