Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Jolly Sex Party!

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking - "Sex Party?!?!?"  
I mean that as in The Jolly Gender Party.  
It was just too good of a blog post title to pass up.

Last Saturday night, we went to the big gender reveal party to learn whether Jason, Erin, and Ella were adding a boy or a girl to their family.  I love this idea - and I can't believe that Erin and Jason have the willpower to have the envelope containing that big news in their house for several days and not open it!

The party was a lot of fun - Katie Anne loved playing with the kids.  She also loved checking out all Ella's toys - as she told us in the car on the way home, "Ella's got a lot of fun stuff.".  Saunders and I enjoyed catching up with Erin, Jason, and all their friends and family while enjoying the delicious food Erin had for us.  Finally, at 6:00, it was time for the big reveal.  Katie Anne and I voted for a baby girl, and Saunders voted for a boy... and Saunders was right!  Jason, Erin, and Ella will be welcoming Colin Michael Jolly in late August - Erin's due date is 6 days after mine!  It will be so exciting to have our sons so close together!  
 Here are some pictures from the fun night.

Two cool dads
Two hot mamas
KA with Daddy and Mommy
Katie Anne and Ella playing together
Opening the big envelope...
It's a BOY!!!
Congrats, Jason and Erin!

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Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Oh my gosh, you got such great pictures (especially during the envelope part)!!! It was such a fun night; thanks for driving all that way to celebrate with us! See you Thursday:)