Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prepping Mommy for Two Kids

Katie Anne is SOOOO into babies right now.  She is completely excited about being a big sister, and she loves to talk about babies, plan for the day when Dorfee arrives, and come up with ideas for things that she'll do with and for Dorfee when the time comes.  (Yes, she calls the new baby Dorothy aka Dorfee.  That's what she fully believes he - and she knows it is a he - shall be named.)  She also talks for Dorfee (and cries loud, fake, and long in his stead since he cannot) and tells us what he's thinking, doing, and feeling in my belly.  She is very ready to help with all Dorfee's needs - except changing poopy diapers, she says.

So, a big part of this baby adoration is a renewed passion for her baby dolls.  She's always loved playing with her babies at home, but now she must bring at least one baby with her EVERYWHERE.  She also has to bring a diaper bag that she painstakingly and slowly packs with all sorts of very necessary and interesting things.  At first, we'd just pack the basics - a bottle and a paci for the baby.  Now, we're into taking wipes, diapers (real diapers... no fakers for her babies, no way), a small stuffed animal or two for baby, an extra change of clothes, a sippy cup, a small plastic plate and baby spoon... I could go on.  All this packing and preparation adds 5, 10, or even 20 minutes to our get-out-the-door routine.  And, I've decided it is really helping me out.

How is this helping Mommy, you ask?  Well, because when Dorfee does get here in August, I will be totally ready for packing and lugging the junk that two kids will need all around the world.  You see, I've started pre-packing diaper bags for Katie Anne to help speed us along.  So, I go around and gather up some random baby supplies that the little mother might need, and that's actually good practice for gathering up real stuff for Dorfee.  And, of course, does the little mommy KA actually carry her own diaper bag and baby stuff through the store?  Of course not - she carries the baby and maybe the bottle, while Mommy is left schlepping along through Party America today with the diaper bag and various accompanying baby doll supplies while trying to also keep track of little mommy KA, her doll, and gather all the needed Tinkerbell party supplies for next weekend.  So, I'm actually being well trained to be a mother of two courtesy of Katie Anne and her little mommy dreams!

Seriously, I am so glad that she is so excited about the new baby and so into the pregnancy.  She loves to hug and kiss Dorfee in my belly multiple times a day, talks about him all the time, and really looks forward to when he becomes a part of the family.  She even already misses him - when we were playing Ring Around the Rosie, she pointed to an open spot she'd left in our circle and said, "We're missing someone... we're missing Dorfee!"  I think she's going to be a great big sister.


Kelly said...

Dorfee is lucky to have KA as his big sister/junior mommy.

apaprikao said...

Oh my goodness! That is too cute! Katie Anne is going to be an AMAZING big sister. :)

P.S. I love that she calls him Dorfee.