Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saunders Jones IV

Over Spring Break, we found out that New Baby Jones is officially... a boy!  I announced the news over Facebook, but I wanted to make it "blog official", record a few more details for posterity, and post a few pictures from the ultrasound. 

Profile shots:

Front of face* shot:

The "It's A Boy!" shot - I'll leave this one to your interpretation and not add commentary:

So far, Baby Saunders is looking like a big baby - he measured 85% on everything except his arms, which are 95%!   So, we hope his hands don't drag the ground like a gorilla.  :)  Just like my pregnancy with Katie Anne, I'm already measuring about two weeks ahead. 

*Katie Anne loved looking at the profile shots, but she was a little scared of the shot of the front of SJ's face.  Her eyes got huge when she saw it, and she said, "Mommy, why doesn't he have any eyes in there?"  I tried to explain to her that the "magic wand" only shows his bones and not his eyes or skin or anything else.  She said, "Okay, well, he's going to have eyes in those big black holes when he gets borned, right?"  :)

We are very excited to be having a little boy!!!  Of course, we would've also loved to have another little girl in the family (and still might in a few years), but we are thrilled about trying all the "boy stuff" and being able to experience parenting both a girl and a boy.  We are carrying on the Saunders name tradition, so the new baby will be Saunders Jones IV. (No, there's no middle name.)  Right now, the plan is to call him Saunders... although Uncle Carlton and Aunt Trisha are making quite a case for their nickname choice - Quatro, like the razor.  :)  Katie Anne knows that the baby's name will be Saunders IV (she calls him "Little Saunders" or "Baby Saunders"), but she says that his nickname is still Dorfee.  When we talked about him being "the fourth" because Daddy is Saunders III, she said, "Well, you're named Katie and I'm Katie Anne.  So, that makes me Katie Anne the Two."  So, now she calls herself "Katie Anne Jones the Two" sometimes.  :)

Katie Anne was not surprised at all at the news that the baby is a boy - she was shocked that we were surprised and said, "Mommy, we already knew that.  I told you that this morning."  (I had asked her the morning of the ultrasound if she wanted to change her mind and vote girl, but she was 100% sure that her boy guess was right.)  According to her, Dorfee told her a long time ago that he was a boy, so she's known that for weeks.  Dorfee tells her lots of stuff from inside my belly, and so now that she was right, we wonder - was it just a good guess or sibling ESP?


Anonymous said...

Katie Anne always says the funniest, most profound things! That's so amazing that she knew it was a boy! Saunders IV is looking good!

I vote for calling him Quatro too! That's so cute!

Vanessa said...

I just love that little girl! I'm so glad you recorded this so in a few years when they are fighting, you can remind her of how much she adored him - before he arrived :)