Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy Morning Playdate

On Saturday morning, Saunders had planned to play golf with Lily and Bear's daddy, Josh.  So, Katie Anne and I thought it would be fun to have Vanessa, Lily, and Bear over to hang out with us and try out Katie Anne's new trampoline and swing set.  Unfortunately, the big storm rained out the golf morning... but we just moved the playdate indoors, and the kids had a blast together!  They played Barbies, Elefun, puzzles, dress up, tea party, blocks, and had a big time getting out practically every toy in the playroom... and they did a great job of putting them all back, too!  They stayed so busy that Vanessa and I had a chance to chat and catch up.  I snapped a few pictures of all the kids' crazy fun.

After our playful morning, we met the daddies at Chic-fil-A for a family lunch.  We had a great time - we'll definitely have to do it again soon, rain or shine!

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