Sunday, April 18, 2010

Katie Anne the Photographer

One day last week, Katie Anne came up to me and said, "Mommy, isn't Peach looking so cute today?  I think I need to take a picture of him."  She wanted to use my "big girl" camera for her photoshoot.  She started out a little weak, and we wondered if the photographer and model had the chemistry needed to make this shoot work.
However, after a quick lesson on using the display to get Peach in the picture, things started to improve quickly.  Peach is a natural model, and he worked it for the camera with all he had.
A photojournalistic shot from a slightly different angle:
An interesting flash maneuver (also known as toddler finger over the flash) cast Peach in a soft glow:

Then, the photographer wanted to branch out and take pictures of a few other people in the family.
Ginger is hard to catch:
Dorfee, however, is much easier to catch in a picture:
A picture of Mommy:
And then, the photographer wanted a few shots of herself.  I was more than happy to oblige!


Anonymous said...

Miranda loves taking photos too! She even received a kid camera for her birthday. Now it's really hard to get her to stop taking pictures of EVERYTHING. lol

KA took some great pictures!

The Dillards said...

In her pictures she looks so grown up. You would think she could go to Kindergarten with a look like that, despite her lacking the extra years in age.

Kelly said...

KA's hair is getting so long! Love the Dorfee shot.