Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Smiles!

Baby Saunders started to smile for the first time today!  His first real smiles were at his daddy this morning before work when Saunders was pretending to "eat" SJ4's hands ... he thought that was hilarious!  Of course, I was holding SJ and didn't have my camera handy.  He smiled throughout the day at various things, so Katie Anne and I tried to stage a little session of KA silliness to get a smile for the camera, and we did!  

Wait for it...
Here it comes...
Baby smile!
So cute!
It is so fun to see his eyes light up with someone talks to him and catch those first little baby grins!  I can't wait for that big open-mouthed, toothless smile and baby chuckles ... I bet it won't be long with this crazy man!  He's growing up so fast already!

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cindy glawson said...

OH HOW CUTE!!!!!!! He is such a happy fellow.