Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fierce and Fashion Forward

Last weekend, we had to make a Costco run to stock up on formula for SJ4.  While we were there, we looked through the clothing section to see if they had any bigger baby clothes for Little Big Man- he's already outgrowing most of what's in his dresser!  We picked up a few 6 months fall outfits for him, and I found the cutest pair of blue jeans for Katie Anne!

Katie Anne has never been a fan of jeans.  When I first tried to dress her in them, she complained that the waist band cut into her sides.  Plus, with her diaper on, the size that fit over her diaper was way too long in the legs.  Then, when she got a little older and was not wearing diapers anymore, I realized that her long legs and skinny butt didn't make a good match in any jeans sizes - she really needed a 3T for the waist and a 5T for the length.  So, we've never had any jeans she could really wear, and I'd really given up hope of finding any until she's older.

Well, when I checked out these Levis skinny jeans at Costco (which were a great price as well), I realized that they're not really denim - they're a cotton/spandex mix that's a lot softer and more like a pair of knit pants.  (Knit pants are all KA likes to wear in the winter.)  I was so excited!  One of the drawbacks of Costco shopping is that you can't try on the clothes there, so I bought KA a 4T and crossed my fingers that they'd fit once we got them home.

Today, we tried on the pants.  They look totally cute and - the best part - she says they feel great!  She was excited to do a little runway modeling for me in the foyer.
You may think this facial expression means that she isn't liking the jeans, but you'd be wrong.  We love to watch Project Runway together, and she always points out how mean and/or sad the models look on the runway.  So, this is her "fierce" modeling face.

Here's a video of her runway walking!

They had the jeans in a few different colors - and of course we all know colored jeans are hot this season.  I wish I'd gotten her jeans in a few more colors!  I'm going back to Costco on Monday to get some supplies for Saunders's birthday party, and hopefully they'll still have the jeans in stock so I can grab KA a few more!


cindy glawson said...

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing! I laughed and laughed at my "fierce" grandaughter. Lookout models of Project Runway!

Jillian said...

Yay for the jeans, but I am a little blown away that a 2-month-old is wearing 6 month clothes! At this rate, he'll be playing pee-wee football next Fall!

The Rayburns said...