Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Kiddie Day Parade

Today, we walked with the kids in the 55th Annual Kiddie Day Parade in downtown Cartersville.  Katie Anne has been in the parade for the past two years - once as a clown and once as a UGA cheerleader.  This year, she thought being a cowgirl was a good idea.  
I wanted both kids to be able to participate - even though putting a one-month-old in a parade might've been pushing it!  So, Saunders IV was a cowboy to match Katie Anne's cowgirl.  We already had some of the supplies, so I just had to pick up a few things to complete their looks.  Katie Anne wore her denim skirt, a tank top and plaid shirt, some brown boots, and a cowgirl hat ... she looked so totally cute!
In this picture, she's singing her own original song, "Cowboy, cowgirl!  Cowboy, cowgirl!" and calling out "Yee haw - Gilley up!"  (We've told her it's "Giddy up!", but she prefers "Gilley".)
She was totally in love with her outfit at home... she kept running into my room to look at herself in the full-length mirror.  
 Unfortunately, when we got in the car, she got whiny and decided she didn't like her costume as much and refused to wear the boots or hat because they were "itchy".  At least I got lots of cute pictures of her in them at home!

The young cowpoke SJ4 was not quite as into his costume as his sister.  He got fussy when his little overalls were put on him and didn't want to pose for pictures.  However, we didn't listen to that nonsense and posed him anyway!
Saunders IV needs to learn that fashion is not comfortable and looking good is not easy.  His first lesson was the overalls.  Lesson #2 was this cute little cowboy hat.  He may not like it, but he can't deny that he looks like a rootin' tootin' cowboy in it!
Luckily, he felt a lot better once he got buckled into his car seat and fell asleep on the way to the parade!

We decided to let them ride in their new double stroller that my parents bought us - it was their first time using it, and they both loved it!  Saunders IV slept through the whole parade and only got fussy as we were pushing back towards the car.  Katie Anne loved riding in the stroller, too - she kept laying back and saying, "Man, this thing is nice."  So, the double stroller is a hit!
On the route!
The stroller is so easy to push!
My parents came and watched us in the parade, and my mom took some family pictures of us after the parade was over.  I'll get those from her and post them soon!

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