Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Horses

VJ's friend Jackie has invited Katie Anne to come out to her house and visit her mini horses several times.  So, VJ arranged for us to head out and visit the horses this morning.  Katie Anne was very excited about seeing them and riding them - although we found out when we got there that you can't ride mini horses - and she looked forward to it all week!

When we got to Jackie's house, we met the three minis - Gracie, Pearl, and Tonka.  Katie Anne got to see all three horses up close.  She got to pet them, walk them on their lead rope, feed them treats, and command them to perform some of their tricks like giving kisses and shaking hands.  
 Waiting for the horses to come up to the fence:
Here they are!
VJ held a sleeping SJ4 while Katie Anne checked out the horses
and Mommy made pictures:
Katie Anne did an excellent job listening to Jackie's directions and working with the horses!  She wasn't afraid of the horses at all, even when one of them accidentally nibbled on her hand.  It made Mommy a little nervous when Katie Anne walked the horses on her own, but she totally loved it!  Here she is learning how to walk Tonka on the lead rope.
 Giving Pearl a treat:

Jackie was very impressed with how well Katie Anne listened and with her respectful manners.  She said Katie Anne is free to come back and visit soon - and next time she can sit on one of the big horses!

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