Monday, September 6, 2010

Pioneer Days!

On Labor Day weekend, the Pioneer Days Festival was in town.  When I heard about it, I thought that it was probably something we wouldn't be up for ... so I didn't mention it to Katie Anne.  However, I saw pictures of Lily and Bear having a great time at the fair on Vanessa's blog, so I showed them to Saunders and asked him what he thought.  We decided that Katie Anne would love to go and ride all the rides, so we decided to make a go of it - even with a two week old baby!  We're bold - or crazy!  You make the call.  :)

So, we invited Saunders's family to go with us to Pioneer Days, and VJ took us up on the offer.  (Carlton and Trisha also stopped by with her family just before we left.)  After our Labor Day breakfast, we headed over for an afternoon of fun at Pioneer Days!  There were lots of rides - some for little kids, some for bigger kids - and the traditional carnival games for prizes.  There were also some tents and booths with craft items that I would've loved to look at, but we didn't have time - which is surprising considering that we stayed longer than I thought we would. 

We stayed for two hours at Pioneer Days, but we spent that whole time going from ride to ride with Katie Anne!  She absolutely loved it!  She rode almost every ride for little kids and a few for bigger kids - as long as they passed the parental safety test.  (Carnival rides make us a bit nervous, but most of these were low, slow, and safe.)  Daddy helped her in and out of the rides and rode some of them with her - including the big ferris wheel, which was a lot more scary than even they expected!  That thing went high and fast!  Her favorite ride - by far - was the Dragon Roller Coaster.  She rode it about 5 times - once, even staying in the car to ride it three times in a row!  She wanted to ride tons of the big kid, wild rides, but we had to say no to those ... and she didn't meet the height requirements anyway.  She's a total daredevil, though!  Here are some pictures of Pioneer Days!

Katie Anne and VJ after visiting the ticket booth:
Showing off her unlimited pass - thanks, VJ!
Baby Saunders kicked it in the Maya sling the whole time:
Daddy and Mommy had fun, too:
Katie Anne's first ride was the swings:
She wanted to ride in Dumbo on the animal ride:
She was not a fan of the fish ride - the metal was hot, so she was barely holding on:
KA and Daddy on the circus train:
Her favorite - the Dragon Roller Coaster:
SO happy!
On the giant slide with Daddy:
Riding the big ferris wheel:
Baby Saunders was excellent and slept the whole time.  However, after two hours, some little pitiful person had had enough:
Katie Anne had enough time to play a game and win a prize on our way out of the fair.  Of course, she picked the giant Dora magic wand!

We were all very hot and very tired after we headed home, but it was a fun family outing - and Katie Anne had such a super time!


Jillian said...

Cute pics! I love the one of SJ and KA on the ferris wheel!

Vanessa said...

Very cute! I'm so glad y'all had a fun time! Our kids loved it and I know Katie Anne must have had so much fun!