Monday, September 13, 2010

Play Gym Time!

This weekend, we gave SJ4 a chance to play on the baby play gym to see if he would enjoy it.  Unfortunately, he hasn't been loving the vibrating seat or swing, so we were hoping he'd enjoy kicking around on his play gym mat!  Great news - he did love it!  He spent about thirty minutes looking around at all the neat things on the play gym.
He got some tummy time on the mat, too!
Fortunately for him, SJ4 has a big sister who loves to show him the ropes.  So, she spent almost the entire time on the mat with him, showing him every little toy, telling him how to play with each one, and explaining it all to him.  That made for lots of fun for her - and for him, I'm sure - but it also was hard to get pictures of him (or them) because Katie Anne kept adjusting all the toys and moving things around.  Here are two cute ones of them playing together:
So, to avoid the "no pictures of the second child alone" phenomenon, I made a few more of him today while Katie Anne was napping.  He spent another half hour on the play gym this afternoon before she woke up.  He spent his time oohing and aahing at all the animals, watching the blinking lights overhead, and checking himself out in the little mirror.  He had a great time playing and totally wore himself out!

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