Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me, Part II

On Sunday, we had a birthday lunch for me at my parents' house. My mom made a delicious lunch of my favorite kinds of food- Mexican dishes (Enchiladas, Mexican lasagna- very yummy- and Chicken Ole'), Caesar salad, and dump cake with ice cream! As Katie Anne would say, "Mmmm!" Even though Greg had a horrendous headache and Dad and Saunders had a morning appointment to check out a new boat we were thinking of buying (not happening- seller was weird), we all came together for a delicious lunch for me! We had a great time together!

I also got some great birthday presents... my yearly subscription to People from my parents as well as tons of bug spray stuff (lotion, spray, wipes, bracelet repellents) to go with my hammock. If you've spent any time with me outdoors, you know how desperately I need bug stuff if I'm going to enjoy my new hammock! Greg and Jillian gave me the new Croc flipflops in black that I was hoping for... here's a picture of me modeling them.

On Sunday afternoon, while KA was napping and Saunders was chipping golf balls in the backyard, I got to relax again with my hammock and wear my new bug repellent bracelets... no mess and no bites! I had a great birthday weekend!

The watermelon girl:


Mom, Me, & Dad:

Jillian, Me, & Greg:

Yummy! Ice cream!


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love KA's cute watermelon outfit - she's absolutely precious!

Jillian said...

sweeet Jesus crop that pic!!!...faces only please! lol

PS- Greg surprised me with pink and brown croc flops today!!! So now you won't have to hide yours on vacation =)