Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rockin' Baby Time!

Every Thursday, Katie Anne and I go to Rockin' Baby Time at the library. It is so much fun! Katie Anne loves the music, songs, and games. We start by singing a few participatory songs. Although Katie Anne enjoys them all, her two favorites are "We're Glad You're Here Today" and "If You're Happy and You Know It". In "We're Glad You're Here Today", everyone sings a welcome to each child using his/her name. Katie Anne loves it when everyone sings her name! Today, she stood up and did a little boogie while everyone sang, "Give a cheer, give a cheer... Katie Anne is here today!" Katie Anne has just recently learned how to stomp her feet on command, so now she's really into "If You're Happy..." since it has a big stomping part.

Then, we read a couple of books, interspersed with singing a few more songs. Sometimes, Katie Anne is interested in the books, and sometimes she is not... she alternates between sitting and watching the group leader read or just looking at the other kids and saying, "Baby! Baby!" That's a very popular activity with several of the kids at Rockin' Baby Time. :) Today, she was very into the book about animals.

After reading, we get out the musical instruments. Today, I was so glad I'd brought the camera because it was Katie Anne's favorite- the bells. She LOVES shaking the bells and gets very into it! Each time when we put the bells away, Katie Anne fake cries to keep her bell. It is so sad and funny because she helps the teacher pick up the bells (she loves to pick up things) while doing a fake little boo-hoo cry. Luckily, today we left before they put the bells away, so we got to skip the clean-up drama. Here's a short video of her shaking it up!

Today, we also used the parachute, which is either a big hit with the kids, or it absolutely terrifies them. I don't blame the babies- I'm sure I'd be a bit hesitant about letting a giant colored piece of fabric pop me in the head, too! Katie Anne is one of the kids who loves the parachute. She crawls right out underneath it. Usually, her parachute buddies are Skyla and JD- they are all about the same age and tend to "hang out" in class together.

As you can see in this video, Skyla wasn't too into the parachute thing today, but Katie Anne and JD were showing the little kids what its all about.

Katie Anne loves her Rockin' Baby Time! It is definitely something we will miss doing when I go back to teaching in the fall.

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