Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our First Playground Trip

On June 6, Katie Anne and I took our first trip to the playground. We walked over to the playground in our neighborhood for a picnic lunch and some time playing on the swings and playset. Katie Anne loved eating the picnic at the tables and playing under the pavilion.

It was so hot, so we took it in short spurts playing out in the sun. She had to keep her hat on, which she does not enjoy. If I kept her distracted with swinging or sliding, she would forget about the hat... but as soon as she realized it was on, off it came with a flourish!

We had such a good time playing together. We stayed almost two hours... her favorite part of the playset was by far the swings. She could swing all day!

The walk home, uphill in 90+ degree heat, was brutal for Momma, but relaxing for baby... Katie Anne fell asleep and snoozed all the way home.

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The Dillards said...

Katie Anne is your splitting image. There is no denying whose daughter that is. She is absolutely beautiful. Your blog is awesome. I bet the first two attempts were fabulous too.