Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stick a Fork in It!

Today, Katie Anne fed herself with a fork for the first time! She was eating pasta wheels, and she did a great job of stabbing them with her fork and getting them in her mouth. Although it took her an extra long time to eat, it was worth it because she was SO proud of herself. Plus, all that time gave me plenty of opportunity to take pictures. :)

She seems to be right hand dominant. Although the experts say it is too early to tell, she uses her right hand for a lot of activities.

Katie Anne's new thing is "All Done!" Here she is, doing her pose. I wish you could hear her... the words aren't perfectly clear, but her tone and rising inflection are super cute.


the wyatts said...

SO GLAD you have a blog. how fun!

Staceybby said...

I'm loving the blog! It's so fun! Can't wait to get together in a couple of weeks!