Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Workout Worries

Katie Anne and I have run into a little fitness problem, and that's on my mind right now. I joined Diva Fitness the week after school got out, and I've really been committed to going at least 4 days a week for classes. I tried to go to my kickboxing class this morning at 9:30, but Katie Anne would not go to the daycare at the gym. Period. She screams from the moment she sees the daycare door until I come back to get her. This is the third time they've had to get me out of class because she's inconsolable (out of only 4 times that she's gone with me). So, today I worked out for four minutes. The ladies at the gym have tried hard to be understanding, but today they were giving me suggestions like, "Can you come in the evenings after your husband gets home?" Yikes. I know she's hard to be with (as is any baby) when she's screaming and crying nonstop, and it breaks my heart that she's so stressed in there. So, I'm going to have to get creative with scheduling my workouts.

I'm already going at 5:30 in the AM so Saunders can be here with her (she's still asleep... actually, they're both still asleep at that time). That works great, other than the fact that I have to wake up at 4:40, but that's really okay with me. I like having the workout done, being home and showered, and having a few minutes to check my email before she wakes up at 8:00. The only problem is that early morning workouts aren't offered every day- they're only 3 days a week, and I need more than 3 days a week to get this body in shape! Also, I don't really like the Step class on Wednesdays at 5:30 AM... I prefer BodyPump, kickboxing, Zumba... anything but Step, actually. Nothing to do with the teacher or class itself- they're great, but I just don't like stepping and I get kind of bored with it.

So, I guess my options are to:
A) just go to the 5:30 classes- even Step- and let that 3X be it for the week.
B) Go to the 5:30 classes I like, and then go some in the evenings after Saunders gets home- I'll just have to miss bedtime since the last class is at 7:30. I can only do this on nights I'm not tutoring kids. (Oh, yeah... I'm tutoring 2 nights a week.)
C) Try to arrange someone to watch her one to two days a week in the mornings while I hit the gym for an hour. Any takers? :) or
D) Workout less and remain lard-ballish.

This problem would've presented itself in a few weeks anyway, when daytime workouts would be out due to me being back at work. Hmmm... I've got to think about this a little bit... my guess is that some combination of B and C will work best.

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