Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Water Baby!

Since Katie Anne and I aren't doing anything too exciting today, I thought I'd post some pictures that I meant to post a while ago. Katie Anne and I have been enjoying swimming this summer, and she's really turned into a total water baby. Two weeks ago, we went swimming four times in six days!!! At first, she was nervous in the water, but now she's really comfortable and enjoys playing and kicking around. Here are some pictures of her swimming with friends and having a blast!

One day, we got together with my friends Holly and Debbie, who have daughters almost the exact same age as Katie Anne. The girls had a big time kicking around.

Then, we swam with Aunt Jillian at her neighborhood pool. We had the pool all to ourselves, so it was relaxing. Katie Anne modeled her pink sunglasses for us. She was a swimming diva with the matching headband!

That weekend, we got together with the McWhorter and Adams families at Doc and VJ's pool. Katie Anne had a big time playing with Emma, Lily, and Bear. She played in the pool for 3 and a half hours that morning!

The Adamses: Natalie, Emma, & Brandon

The McWhorters: Vanessa, Bear, Lily, & Josh



Katie & Katie Anne

Emma & Katie Anne lounge

Bear is just chillin on the big float

Vanessa and Lily dry off


Carrie Beth said...

I can't believe she will keep those sunglasses on. I'm going nuts trying to get Handley to wear her's and to keep a bow in her hair! Katie Anne is getting so big and is so cute. Looks like you all are having a great summer.

Anjie said...

The GTG looks like it was a blast! I made a Buddy Corner post for you and sent you an email. Hope everything's going well. ((HUGS))