Thursday, June 26, 2008

Katie Anne's First Surgery

This morning, Katie Anne had minor surgery on her eye at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta/Scottish Rite. She had a blockage between her tear ducts and sinuses that's been giving us problems since she was born. Her doctor advised to give it a year to clear up and open up on its own, but it never really improved. So, her pediatric ophthalmologist suggested we go ahead and open it this summer.

So, Katie Anne, Granddad, and I headed out towards Atlanta bright and early. She did a great job at the hospital and was in high spirits, even though she had to get up at 4:30 this morning! She loved playing with all the toys in the pre-op room, and she was very friendly to all the nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologists. She got a little scared when she and I went into the operating room... they let me go back there and be with her while they put her under the anesthesia. She cried when they put the mask on her, and it was sad for a Momma to watch! I just rubbed her face and held her hand, and in a few seconds, she was out!

The surgery only took a few minutes, and she came back to the post-op room where Granddad and I were waiting. We waited about 10-15 minutes for her to wake up, and she was a little disoriented at first. She recovered quickly and immediately wanted to show Granddad and I how to use the mask! She kept holding it up to her face and breathing hard into it... I guess she really remembers how it works! When she got the all-clear to head home, we got her pancakes for breakfast, and she was very happy.

She's taking a l-o-n-g nap right now, and hopefully her recovery will be a smooth one!


Goodland said...

Hey Katie! Glad to hear the surgery went well. Holly told me it was today and i was going to email you but then I thought I'd be cool and leave you a comment on your blog! -Debbie (Ruby's mom)

Staceybby said...

I can't believe you didn't even mention that she was having surgery while you were at my house. I'm glad it went well!

SGiles said...

Hey Katie and KA! I am so glad that everything went well!! Keep us posted on the recovery!!
-Sharon (Hannah's Mom)

Carrie Beth said...

So glad that is behind you both and that she did so well!

The Rayburns said...

I'm so glad that everything went so well for Katie Anne - she seems to be loving the beach now in your pictures! Emma Grace just got back from her first beach trip, but I'm looking forward to playing with her in the sand next year - it looks like KA really enjoyed it!