Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Saunders and Katie Anne had a great second Father's Day together! Saunders picked out a new golf club as his main gift, and he enjoyed that yesterday when he, Thomas, Greg, and Todd played golf at The Plantation. They played best ball, and Greg and Saunders won! They all had a big time together.

This morning, we made fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast, and we all had a great time relaxing. Katie Anne gave her Daddy a small gift today so he'd have something to open... a golf ink pen, tees, and an ITunes gift card so he can download some new songs before our vacation. He also got a new pair of brown Crocs from Gigi and Granddad. For lunch, we went to Angela's house and ate with Katie's extended family to celebrate Father's Day with Granddad and Pappy. We celebrated Father's Day with Doc at lunch last Sunday, and we gave both Doc and Granddad some new shirts.

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Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Shes becoming a young lady and growing up sooo fast. Time flies!