Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Renaissance Festival

Saunders got some free tickets for The Renaissance Festival from Kaycha at the bank, so we decided to take Katie Anne for her first giant turkey leg. We didn't know how she would do, because it was extremely hot and there's not a ton for little babies to do there. She LOVED it!

Katie Anne was fascinated by all the performers, booths, and people dressed in authentic garb. She She was mesmerized by a "scene" between some pirates and the King and Queen of the Festival's party... I don't think she knew the sword fighting was fake. She watched the entire fight sequence! When they'd finished, she clapped and clapped and clapped.

Katie Anne also loved the turkey leg. Her favorite thing to do with it was to pre-chew a bite and put it into Momma's mouth... very tasty for Momma! As you can also tell from these pictures, Katie Anne is very into sticking out her tongue right now.

We had an excellent time. We can't wait to take Katie Anne back in a year or two so she can get her face painted, get a princess hat, and take her picture with the real Mother Goose.

(Also, don't ever call it "Ren Fest" in front of Saunders. He will really make fun of you and call you a nerd. Trust me, I know from experience.)

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