Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Consignment Goodies & Outlet Finds!

Last week, one of my student's mothers told me in car rider line that she had a preview pass to a consignment sale. She was going, but her kids were all almost to old to shop for there (her youngest is in my class). So, she asked if I wanted her to look for some things for Katie Anne. I told her sure!

I asked her to stay within the $75-$100 range, and she got close ... $102. :) But, she was able to get a ton of stuff for that price, so it was okay. With the exception of one outfit that's pretty worn out (but fine for daycare wear), she got lots of new (several dresses still had original tags on them) or nearly new things. She bought 15 outfits/dresses for that price, so that comes out to $6.80 per outfit. Not bad!

Plus, a lot of the outfits are "boutique brands" like Kelly's Kids. I don't know much about boutique brands because we don't buy that stuff. Katie Anne enjoys the Garanimals couture. :) However, I did get some perspective when I bought one way too expensive, much-regretted outfit for Katie Anne to wear to this year's birthday party from Kelly's Kids. I don't want to even put how much it cost, and it was totally not worth it when I saw the outfit. Don't get me wrong, it is cute... just not that cute. So, I get it that $6.80 is not bad too pay for those clothes, so I didn't complain about the $102 total.

Here's the whole haul laid out...

My favorite... little smocked Ralph Lauren dress with tags still on! Originally $49!

Katie Anne's favorite... strawberry halter top and skirt from Kelly's Kids.

When you combine this with the good deals I got when Vanessa and I had a girls' afternoon out at the outlet malls last Sunday, I got a lot of cute stuff for not too much $$$! Vanessa and I had a great time out shopping for the kids. I didn't spend too much because we've got all the expenses of Katie Anne's birthday coming up. I don't have pictures - although I could take some - but the best deals I got on Sunday were flip flops from The Children's Place for $2.50 a pair and these cute little skirts from Osh Kosh for $6.60 that were originally $22. I also got her a cute shirt that says "Birthday Girl" to wear to daycare the day of her school party. At only $5.80 (originally $18), I don't care if she ruins it on the playground! Deals, deals, deals!


cindy glawson said...

Really cute stuff. She will look so sweet in the little outfits. I like the ladybugs on the left.

Jillian said...

Gotta love the deals!! I'm obsessed with consignment sales now so any time you wanna come along just let me know!

Carrie Beth said...

Don't you just love consignement sales...that's the only way I get the boutique type clotehs too!