Saturday, March 7, 2009

I like them, Sam-I-Am!

Katie Anne and I had planned to get up this morning, make Green Eggs and Ham placemats for the family, and then eat green eggs and ham for breakfast. Well, who could think about green eggs or ham when you had this little delicious nugget waiting for you?
We all slept late this morning (late being 7:35 am), which was a great thing considering that Saunders and I had a late night playing poker at our friends Martine and Doug's house last night -we didn't get in bed until after 1:00 am... and Katie Anne had a late night playing with Gigi and Granddad. But, that meant that Katie Anne was ready for breakfast almost as soon as she woke up, so there wasn't much time for pre-breakfast craftiness.

Also, my school's Relay for Life team (a lot of whom are cafeteria workers) were selling their beyond-delicious cinnamon rolls yesterday afternoon for only $6 a dozen. Who could resist that sticky, yummy goodness? Not me! So, I brought a dozen home yesterday, which threw a major kink in my green eggs plan. So, we'll just save my precut construction paper eggs, yolks, ham slices, and all our other supplies for placemats next year!

I would eat cinnamon rolls in a house.
I could eat them with a mouse.
I would eat them on a train,
I could eat them in the rain.
I would eat them here or there,
I would eat them everywhere!

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