Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party Hats

**Warning: If your child is coming to Katie Anne's birthday party, do not let them read this post! It will ruin the surprise! Thank you. :) **

This afternoon, Katie Anne and I made a project for her birthday party (which, she will clearly tell you, is on Saturday, April "foowrth"... it is a very Southern fourth). We made her favors for her friends, which are visors for them to wear outside at the party. Last week at Hobby Lobby, she picked out the supplies... brightly colored visors and foam stickers- bugs, stars, flowers, and polka dots. I swear that she picked these on her own from the vast variety of choices. Bugs, I'm not so fond of, but stars, flowers, and polka dots? That's a girl after my own heart.

Tonight, she assembled her hats. Katie Anne loved doing it and did a great job... her attention lasted a lot longer than I expected, and she completed each and every hat herself. The only thing I did was write the names on each hat, peel the backs off the foam stickers, and put the teeny tiny polka dots on ... but she told me exactly where to put them, and I followed directions. I resisted the urge to encourage her to color-coordinate or put stickers where I thought they'd look best, and I really think she did a good job overall. She put a lot of thought into each hat, and she thinks all her friends will love them! Here are some pictures of her work.

Picking out the proper hat for each person... I wrote the names as she told me who got what.
Choosing the perfect sticker for Brodie
Bear gets a green turtle
Giving Lily a butterfly
This isn't easy, people!Our final products!
Wearing her finished visorJust giving Ella's a little trial run...Back in her own hat - she loves it and wore it all through dinner!


courtney said...

Adorable! Looks like KA is going to be quite the crafter, just like her mama!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

How fun!! I can't wait for Ella to wear hers:) I will make sure to coordinate her outfit--haha!