Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lily's Princess Party!

Today, we went to Lily's 3rd Birthday Party, which was a royalty themed party in honor of Lily's love of all things princess. Almost all the little girls in attendance came dressed as princesses, and it was so super cute and girly! They all floated around the house like puffy little pink, purple, and blue clouds.

Vanessa had their formal living room set up as a complete princess land, complete with a crown making station, a royal castle play house, a makeup vanity for princess primping, and a dress-up area with shoes and magic wands. (There were also swords for the princes in attendance, but you can see in the picture which two little princesses commandeered the swords.) After cake, ice cream, and the gift opening, all the little princesses went outside to enjoy the sunshine and color with sidewalk chalk. It was so funny because - at almost the exact same moment - Lily, Emma, and KA all got tired of their costumes and had a wardrobe change into something more comfortable! Then, they busted open all Lily's new stuff and tried out some of her new toys: markers, dolls, and their mutual favorite - a tea set.

Tonight, while I was rocking Katie Anne and Saunders was getting her bed ready, she said completely unprompted) in her quiet little night-time voice, "My had fun at Lily's birthday. My played with Emma and Lily. Everybody have a princess dress!" It was so cute... I'm sure she'll be dreaming princess dreams of playing with her friends tonight. Here are some pictures from the day!


cindy glawson said...

What fun! It reminds me of the girls all going to the ball in Cinderella. Great idea.

Vanessa said...

Thanks again for coming! We had so much fun and Katie Anne looked precious! By the way - when we were cleaning last night, we found KA's wings. I put them up and Lily got so upset. "Momma, those are Katie Anne's. We have to take them to her". So - we'll bring your beloved wings back!