Monday, March 2, 2009

A Trip to Tellus

Today, my class took a field trip to the Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum. I'd never been to Tellus, but I'd heard it was amazing - and it is! We're so fortunate to have so many great museums and activities in Cartersville, and Tellus and the Booth are just two of the amazing sites you've got to visit in good old C'ville.

We didn't get to see everything in Tellus today... we studied magnets this time, so we did a magnet presentation and video in the theater, a magnet exploration in the "My Big Backyard" experiment zone (with plenty of extra time to play with the other experiments, too), and a magnet lab back in the workroom part of the Museum. Some parts we didn't get to see (but that I want to) are the dinosaur and fossil rooms, the mineral room, the transportation gallery, and the best part - the huge digital planetarium! Tons of neat, neat things to see.

I found out today that teachers get a discounted price for a yearly pass ... only $35! Considering an adult pass is $12, it will pay for itself in 3 visits. Katie Anne (since she's under 3) is admitted for free! So, I'm definitely getting a teacher's pass this year, and Katie Anne and I will check out the "My Big Backyard" frequently this summer. So, you'll have lots of Tellus pictures to look forward to! Until then, enjoy these pictures of my sweet little first graders today.

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I wanna go when you do........!