Saturday, March 14, 2009

Play Date with Emma & Lily

This morning, we met Lily and Emma and their moms at Emma's house for a play date! Katie Anne was looking forward to it for two days... she thought it was yesterday and was so disappointed when we couldn't go on Friday! Well, this morning, she was so excited about getting to play with her friends!

I thought we'd bring some crafts for the girls to do in addition to just playing together. We made three different things... a shamrock collage, a marshmallow rainbow, and leprechaun painting. The girls had a great time painting, gluing, and glittering! They also played in Emma's kitchen, jumped in her bouncy house, took care of her baby dolls, and had a tea party. They had a great few hours playing together! Katie Anne was so tired that she came home and took a three hour nap. Natalie, Vanessa, and I had a good time hanging out and talking, too... it was fun to have a girls' morning out! We're going to try to start doing these once a month.

Here are some pictures from today!

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Vanessa said...

We had so much fun today! I love how well the 3 of them play together - they have no choice but to be the best of friends like their mommas!