Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Bloomers

Last night, I made some major headway on the Easter dress project. (And tonight, with the help of a grande vanilla latte from Starbucks at 5:00 pm, I hope to make more progress.) I've got to get all three pieces done by Monday afternoon (so really, Sunday night) because Katie Anne is having her Easter bunny portraits made then.

The bloomers to go under Katie Anne's dress are finished! Of course, I realize that this part is both the easiest and least important part of the outfit, but I thought a little immediate gratification might help me stay motivated. These bloomers are long, and they're supposed to hit just below the knee so the bottom shows under the dresses. Hopefully, they'll work right when she tries them on!

This pattern is probably the easiest bloomer/ pant pattern I've sewn. It is just two pieces, which eliminates two major sections of sewing and makes for quicker pattern cutting. It also has an interesting way of putting in the elastic that I'd never tried before... you just stretch the elastic very tightly and sew it in a zigzag stitch instead of creating a casing, and that was quick and easy. So, expect to see more of these bloomers (and without elastic as capris) for a while!

I also tried a little heirloom stitch that my sewing machine has, and I absolutely love it! It is a little hard to see on these bloomers because it is white-on-white. I'll probably sew it in a contrast thread color on the color of the blue dress for Easter, too. My sewing machine has one-touch stitching options, with about 30 different stitches, and this is the first time I've ever tried one... so I should really try them out more often.


Jillian said...

wow!! those look great!!

Kelly said...

I saw a sewing machine for sale on craigslist and thought about all the cute clothes you're making. But then I remembered that I can't sew and have no room for a machine - so thank you for these cute bloomers. I'm living vicariously!

Vanessa said...

I'm so impressed. I'm really getting the bug that I want to learn to sew!