Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Pounds of Gummy Fun

For Valentine's Day, Saunders and Katie Anne surprised me with a giant five-pound gummy bear.  I totally and completely love gummy bears - one of my favorite candies!  Unfortunately, I had such morning sickness at the time that I was too afraid to conquer the massive gummy bear, so it's been waiting for me until I felt like I could handle it.

Well, yesterday afternoon, I thought that I was man enough to finish the drill.  So, I decided to take on the challenge!

How do you eat a five-pound gummy bear?
One bite at a time!
This is a giant gummy bear, and I was unsure how to approach it.
I decided to cut off a part of the bear's foot to start.  It seemed like that was the most humane option.
Feeling strong at the beginning of the challenge!
Making great progress on piece number one.
Ready to make the second cut, so I went with foot number two.
Whew, halfway through the second piece, I started to lose focus and stamina... tried to watch Project Runway to keep my mind off the eating challenge, but it wasn't working.  I tried telling myself, "Pack it down, Kobayashi!"  But, I was getting weak, my jaw was hurting, and I could feel myself falling down on the job...
Finally, after finishing piece #2, I just had to admit defeat and give up.  I had considered myself to be a strong entry into the field of competitive gummy bear eating, but I let myself down and actually consumed a very small amount of the bear:

I guess this is like the time I challenged my dad and Jillian to the milk chugging contest, and I got completely schooled by both of them.  I again overestimated my own pigging out abilities.  I guess I'll just have to train harder.
Saunders and Katie Anne have joined in on the challenge, and they're picking away a little bit at a time on the remainder of the feet.  Hopefully, they'll have more endurance than me!


Jillian said...

I will say that this was not one of your better challenges...simply because it is no where near your self-challenge of eating an entire plate of that,you packed down =) With that said, I do applaud the attempt...that's a big bear!

cindy glawson said...

"But actually, it's how you confront the food that is brought to you. You have to be mentally and psychologically prepared."
Takeru Kobayashi

I think the baby slowed you down.

Kelly said...

I prefer my 5 lbs of gummy bears in small half-ounce bites of deliciousness. I could probably take on 5 lbs that way.

Trisha Jones said...

Wow, I'm impressed you got as far as you did! Whenever--and I mean WHENEVER--I'm at Michael's in the check-out lane, I just have to grab that gold baggy of gummy bears. The gold baggy calls out to me!