Thursday, March 25, 2010


My parents got Katie Anne a subscription to that childhood classic - Highlights Magazine!  This is actually a subscription for the early childhood version of Highlights called High Five - it's a magazine made just for preschoolers.  We just received our first two issues, and Katie Anne absolutely loves them.  We enjoyed reading through the magazines together in the evenings earlier this week - the magazine has short stories, puzzles, rhymes and fingerplays - and Katie's Anne's favorite part - a little game to do!  We love "Turtle's Birthday Party" and have played it several times.  The game calls for it to be played a little like Go Fish - you're trying to match an animal with the three things he/she needs for the birthday party (a candle, a gift, and a party hat).  Instead, we modified it a little bit and just used it as a sorting game, and it was a lot of fun!


The Dillards said...

Oh how I loved Highlights as a child. I can vividly remember my mom doing my hair one time and overhearing my dad on the phone cancelling our subscription because my sister was too old for them. Oh the pains of being the youngest :0) Hope KA continues to enjoy it.

cindy glawson said...

I am so glad that she loves the magazine. It is wonderful!