Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Don't Say "Rectum"

I question whether to post this hilarious conversation between Saunders and Katie Anne because of the "language", but it was soooo funny that I simply have to put it down for my dear followers to enjoy.

Setting: Katie Anne's room, approximately fifteen minutes ago. 

Background: I'm getting Katie Anne out of her party outfit (fun pictures of Lily's party to come!) and into a gown for her nap, and Saunders is explaining to me why he cannot help get her down for a nap.  In his explanation, he used the word "rectum".  Do I need to explain why he said that?  I hope that I do not.  If you know Saunders, I'm sure I don't need to explain anything.  ;)

Katie Anne:  Daddy, we don't say rectum.
Saunders: Um, okay - we don't?
Katie Anne: No, rectum is a bad word.
Saunders: Oh, okay.
Katie Anne: Daddy, rectum means butthole.

Saunders and I kind of freeze, and then almost die laughing.

Saunders: Katie Anne, who told you what rectum means?
Katie Anne: Nobody.
Saunders: How do you know that word?
Katie Anne: Well, Daddy, because you just said it.
Saunders: Katie, what two-year-old can tell you the definition of rectum?
Me: I don't know.
Saunders: Where did she hear rectum?  Or butthole?
Me:  I do not know.

Sometimes, she cracks us up so much that we can barely breathe.  Katie Anne was stone-cold serious the entire time, though.  She means it - we don't say rectum.  So, remember that.


cindy glawson said...


Trisha Jones said...

Sounds like Katie Anne used her context clues and put two and two together: Daddy + excuse for not putting me to sleep for an afternoon nap MUST = rectum/butthole issues.


Kelly said...

That's awesome!

Stefanie and Trey said...


Dr J said...

rectum??? Bout neer kildem!!

Dr J said...

you know his daddy is a doctor....