Monday, March 8, 2010

Lil Miss Shiner

Well, Katie Anne busted up her little face not once but twice at school!

Today, there was such beautiful weather outside, and Katie Anne was so excited to get out in it.  So, during her class's morning trip to the playground, she apparently fell and busted the right side of her face on the playground equipment.  Then, when her teacher asked her to clean up to go outside for her afternoon playtime, she got so excited and ran around the room to pick up the toys.  She tripped over her shoelace and busted her left eye into the corner of the bookshelf!

So, the poor little precious looks like she's a professional boxer!

(Update: it actually looks a lot better today, and she said neither injury bothers her.  She also wants the record to reflect: "I was so big and did not cry any times.")

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