Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Egg Drop!

This morning, we headed over to Dellinger Park for the big Egg Drop.  It is a giant egg hunt - they were expecting about 8,000 kids - and the eggs are dropped out of a helicopter.  In addition to the hunts (there are 8 separate times/ages), there are bouncy houses, giant slides, food vendors, etc.  Katie Anne has been looking forward to this for the last week or so, and she was SO excited this morning!  Unfortunately, Saunders had to work and miss it, but Gigi and Granddad were able to go with us, and we had a big fun time!
The hunt is divided up by age, so Katie Anne hunted with kids 4 and under.  We were one of the first ones onto the baseball field, so she had a great place to start the hunt.  It was a long wait - both in line and once we got on the field - but Katie Anne didn't mind because was so excited!  She was very patient during all the waiting, and she did NOT like the little kids that kept darting out and trying to grab eggs before the hunt started.  Here's her face as she told me, "Mommy, those kids are NOT staying with their mommies."
I think she was worried that they'd get all the eggs, but the church who sponsors the event - Oak Leaf Church - had a little security force standing along the edge of the grass, and they made the kids get back in line and put all the snagged eggs back.  So, Katie Anne was very pleased with that!  
Finally, they did the big countdown, and Katie Anne dashed off into the distance.  We'd discussed a little strategy that she'd run as far as she could and not grab the early eggs so she wouldn't get trampled, and that's just what she did.  She dashed way out into the field and made quick work of the eggs on the ground, picking up 13 eggs.  Then, she stopped and said, "I think that's enough.  Let's leave some eggs for the other kids."  I was so proud of her!
 It actually turned out to be a great strategy.  See, the eggs she was hunting ... they were actually empty.  (She knew that, by the way.)  The way the hunt works is that the kids just hunt for fun, then everyone trades in their empty eggs for one big scoop of candy at the candy tent.  So, Katie Anne's generosity in leaving some eggs for the smaller kids actually bought us a sweet place in the candy line since most kids were still hunting.  She had no problem dumping all her freshly gathered eggs into the bag - I'd kind of worried that she wouldn't want to give them up, but she marched right up and dumped her eggs in.
She was so excited to get her big scoop of candy!  She had such a great time!
After a few minutes hopping around in the bouncy house, we headed to Zaxby's for a big lunch.  Now, our expert egg hunter is sound asleep - that was a big morning for a little person!  
Here is a slideshow of a bunch more super-cute pictures from today.

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cindy glawson said...

Fun time and great pictures!

Carrie Beth said...

That is so sweet that she offered to leave some eggs for the other kids. Handley was not quite as thoughful when it came to the eggs. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Tara said...

we were there too. Ramsey loved it! I volunteered for the afternoon drop at registration and the whole day was so much fun. What a neat event.