Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lily!

Yesterday, Lily celebrated her fourth birthday with a bunch of her friends at a gymnastics studio, and the kids had such a great time!  They spent about an hour out in the gym with the gymnastics instructor, playing parachute games, jumping in the ball pit, running through an obstacle course, walking the balance beams... and - Katie Anne's favorite part - was swinging in the giant swing!  All the kids had a fabulous time.  Then, we headed upstairs where the kids ate cake and ice cream, and then Lily opened her birthday presents!

I definitely wish I'd brought my mom's big-dog camera, because the lighting in the gym completely messed up my camera - and there would've been some great shots because there was a ton of laughing, flipping, jumping, and smiling!  I think the lights in the gym messed up the camera, because even the pictures of the cake and present-opening phase of the party weren't clear.  I tried lots of different settings to get some decent shots, so here are just a few that I was able to make.

Lily and Katie Anne on the monkey bars
In the ball pit
Lily opening our present
Lily, Katie Anne, and Emma showing off their ribbons and water bottles!

Katie Anne completely loved the whole party and the whole gymnastics scene.  She was so excited for several days leading up to the party, and all she could talk about after we left was the different gymnastics activities.  So, I think some gymnastics classes are coming up in our future!

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Vanessa said...

I'm so glad Katie Anne had fun! Lily had a great time too! I borrowed a few of your pictures for my blog :)