Friday, March 19, 2010

Bounce 'N Beans

Tonight, we went to Bounce 'N Beans for an event hosted by The Bridge.  Saunders is friends with the pastor Eric Lee, and he invited us to bring Katie Anne to their kids' night out.
I was a little nervous about going to Bounce 'N Beans with Katie Anne at almost halfway through my pregnancy.  The last time we went (which was last summer), Katie Anne needed help on every single slide.  She loved it, but she couldn't climb up any of the ladders to go down the slides by herself, so I had to climb behind her and help/carry/shove her up to the top.  So, I warned Saunders that he was going to have to be the helper this time because there was no way I was getting in a bouncy house.
Well, what a difference half a year makes!  Katie Anne needed no help in any bouncy house.  No help at all.  She ran around the whole place like a big kid, climbing ladders, shooting down slides, bouncing hard, flipping around, and just having a ball!  My poor camera was no match for her speed, so I didn't get any great pictures of her, but I thought the one I posted of her flying down the giant slide just showed how fast she was going and what an awesome time she had!

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