Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lucky the Leprechaun Update... and Funny Grammar

First, a Lucky Update... Saunders got caught up on the blog last night after dinner, and he reminded me that I'd left out on of the best parts of the Leprechaun story.  I guess we need to check out a library book on leprechauns or something, because it has become obvious through our morning treasure hunts that Katie Anne doesn't know much - make that anything - about leprechauns.  However, she was quickly able to do one of my favorite things that young kids do with new knowledge - assimilate it into what she already knows.  So, she now says that the golden egg surprises are hidden by "Lucky the Leopard-con".  I asked her what a Leopard-con was, and she said, "Just a magic leopard, Mommy."  Last night, she was talking about animals, and she said, "Hey, how about a Puma-con?"  So funny!

Also, we've noticed Katie Anne doing something funny with her grammar lately - specifically, when making verbs into nouns.  She must have figured out that, to turn a verb into a noun (although I doubt she thought about it in those specific terms- haha), just put an -er on the end of the word.  I guess it would be like play ---> player or jump ---> jumper.  So, she's doing this will all kinds of words now.  

For instance, we were out at Okinawa eating some yummy fried rice last weekend, and she told us, "I think I'm going to be a bander, and I'm going to play the drums."  We thought - bander?  Oh, she means "in the band".

A few days ago, she was driving her little blue car.  I asked her, "Are you driving to work?"  She said, "No, I'm just pretending to be a parker."  Then, she parked her car and got out.

Then she said last night, "I can't wait to be a teamer.  I'm going to play soccer."

It is so interesting to watch her language develop and see how she puts things together... and it's pretty funny to try to figure out some of the words she's making up.


Kelly said...

Leopard-con just made my day. Thanks KA!

Jillian said...

HAHA I love the leopard-con and would love if a magical leopard came to hide things for me in the morning hahaha! So cute!