Tuesday, October 7, 2008

18 Month Checkup

Today, I took Katie Anne to her 18 month checkup. One of the many perks of moving to my new school this year is that, since kids dismiss over an hour earlier, I am able to leave at 2:05 in case of things like doctor's appointments! So, instead of taking a whole day off, I just jetted out of there when I got my kids to their appropriate dismissal places. So nice!

Katie Anne got a great bill of health at Dr. Colon's. Everyone was impressed with her vocabulary and speech, and all the nurses thought she was such a little social butterfly. She was really sweet to Dr. Colon, and Katie Anne didn't want Dr. Colon to leave when her exam was over! She said, "Don't go!" When Dr. Colon said, "What do you want me to do?", Katie Anne said, "Plays!" She cried and cried when Dr. Colon left! Dr. Colon said that never happens to her- most kids cry when they see her instead of when she leaves.

Katie Anne is 32 and 3/4 inches tall, 27 lbs 6 oz in weight, and 19 inch in head circumference. She's exactly 90% in all three categories- Momma was so proud! As Dr. Colon said, "Well above average in all areas!" Dr. Colon still sees a little farsightedness in her vision, but we will go back to the pediatric opthomologist next summer for another eye check. Other than that, she got a A+!
She got her DTap, Hib, and a flu shot today... and the pediatrician offered flu shots for parents at the same time, so I got one, too! Katie Anne got to watch me take my shot first, and she was very jealous of my band aid. So, when she got her shots, she was very happy to see that she got band aids of her own. She takes shots like a total champ... hardly cries at all. She's literally done crying before I can pick her up. She was too busy saying "Ban-ai, Ban-ai (Band Aid)" to cry!

Now, she's happily eating cookies and watching Sesame Street, wearing all of our band aids on her arms.


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I love Katie Anne's hairstyle! She is too cute!

cindy glawson said...

I hope she does well tomorrow at her daddy's birthday party! Hope the shots don't affect her. She is so cute even with her mouth full of crackers!!

Magnolia Designs said...

Always great to get a clean bill of health for the baby! She's so adorable!