Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday, Saunders!

Yesterday, Saunders celebrated his 28th birthday! (Although, don't forget... he gets a "birthday week". I can't say much... you bet the week around June 25th is my birthday week!)

Some of his friends took him out for lunch, which was lots of fun. Then, for dinner, we went to his parents' house to eat. Carlton, Trisha, and Grandmama were also there. We had a delicious dinner... steaks, rolls from Agan's (Carlton and I say hooray for Agan's rolls), creamed corn, pea salad, potato salad, grilled veggies, and shrimp. Katie Anne loved the musical balloons that VJ got to decorate with... every time someone bumped into them and they played their lively song, she would break it down!

Trisha made Saunders a delicious caramel and sour cream cake. Trisha thought it looked like a monster truck rally pit because it collapsed while she was icing it, so she just went with it and decorated the cake with monster trucks! Even though she thought it looked like a "wreck", it tasted amazing!

Carlton and Trisha are here for 2 weeks from Arizona. Trisha was in a wedding last weekend, and they're both in Greg and Jillian's wedding next weekend, so they just stayed for the days in between instead of flying out and back and out and back! So, they brought Vespa with them. Katie Anne had a love/hate relationship with Vespa, or "Puppa" as she called her (a combination of puppy and Vespa, we guess)! She would call, "Puppa, Puppa!" and throw Vespa's toys for her, but run screaming when Vespa came to her! Overall, Katie Anne really liked Puppa, and she provided lots of entertainment for everyone.

Saunders got a bullet-proof vest from his parents. So, if someone comes in to rob the bank, Saunders is protected! Here he is, trying it on for size. Grandmama got him some gift cards to Chic-fil-A and Starbucks, too. I may steal the Starbucks card once the birthday week is over. :)

Katie Anne started to get restless around 8:00 (which, in her defense, is about an hour after bedtime for her), so Doc took her into the formal living room and showed her the player piano! This totally mesmerized her for the next thirty minutes or so! She loved playing aka banging on the keys! Good thing VJ said it already needed tuning! Here's a video of KA and Doc playing some classics to entertain us.

**Also, this is my 100th post! Woohoo!


cindy glawson said...

Looks like fun! I especially like the hat Trisha has on in the picture of her and Carlton. Cute video of Katie Anne and Pop. I think she may have gotten his musical talent. CUTE. The cake looks really great.

Jillian said...

Cute!! and YAY 100th post!! Now you get to start your "100 things about you" blogs!!!