Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Reception at Cramer Mountain

Since I was "Best Woman" at this big event, I don't have any pictures of pre-wedding photo sessions or of the ceremony. It would've been a bit tacky for me to jerk out my camera and snap a few shots while at the altar, even for a photo-crazy girl like me. So, my pictures start with the reception. The ceremony was just beautiful, though! The church is amazingly gorgeous- Jillian's family has been involved in that church for years and years, which is why she chose it. Jillian looked lovely, Greg looked handsome, the service was very reverant, and it all went off without a hitch. I can't wait to see what the professional photographers took... they seemed like they were doing a great job and taking tons of shots. Once they get the proofs up on their site, I'll try to post some or post a link to them.

Jillian and Greg's reception was held at Cramer Mountain County Club, and it was a really fun party. The whole place was decorated in Jillian's colors- latte, chocolate brown, and white. The decorations were fall themed, with iron pumpkin centerpieces, candles, and fall leaves on each table. Jillian's brother Andy, who is a chef, made the wedding cake. Greg had a golf-themed cookie cake as his groom's cake. We had a dinner buffet of chicken, beef, lots of veggies and other sides. As favors, Jillian decided to set up a candy buffet for guests to choose different candies to take home... I think this was the most unique part of the reception! After the cake cutting, I gave a toast. There was lots and lots of dancing. Katie Anne had a BLAST. She lived it up, staying on the dance floor from the very first dance until the DJ closed it down. Again, it was a hard task to take pictures while dancing, eating, toasting, and chasing a crazy 18-month-old dancer, but I did manage to snag some good ones. Here they are!

The newlyweds at their sweetheart table.

Our happy family at dinner.

Katie Anne had such a good time!

Mom and Dad at the reception.

Yummy dinner!

The Mother-Son Dance

Katie Anne with her Daddy.

KA dances with me and Greg!

Katie Anne and Uncle Greg break it down!

Carlton and Trisha

Garrett and Chelsea

Daddy and Katie Anne dancing... you know I'll have this framed at her reception one day!

The bride and groom are breakin' it down!

Hey, you- Get out on the dance floor!

Katie Anne and Sugar take a break.

That's it- someone call this kid a cab!

Katie Anne was a dancing queen at this reception. She worked all her moves. Here's a video of her dancing to Shout!

She also loved hanging around with all her young cousins- the Feldman kids and Marley Coren. Here's a video of Katie Anne and Zach running around... you can see Hailey, Ashely, and Marley dancing, too.


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

All of your decorating touches look great! You guys did a great job! And I am so excited to see pics from the big day; I hated to miss it! By the way, I love the candy bar too...what a great idea!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad the wedding went well. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see more pictures.

Carrie Beth said...

What a great wedding! I loved reading about all of the different events. Jen had a candy bar at her wedding and I loved it! Such a fun idea.

Saunders said...

Makes me tired just reading about it!!