Friday, October 24, 2008

Ten in My Hand

Today, we played a new game in my class called Ten in My Hand. The kids have numbered cards that I made, and the goal is to make a set of cards that add up to 10. It is very similar to Go Fish, with questioning, card stealing, and drawing from a pile. It took me two days to really teach them how to play, and today we played for real for the first time. They LOVED the game. We had so much fun! I'm taking a lot of pictures in class because my room mom wants to make a CD of pictures for each parent as an end-of-the-year gift, and I thought these were good ones!

The girls are excited about the game.

The boys take it very seriously!

I think she's got a match!

Silly face!

Sneaky N!
You've got to love the pictures taken by six-year-olds.
J. is explaining something to the boys.
I love to see kids laugh with their missing teeth. So funny!
The card shark.

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