Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greg's Bachelor's Day Out

To celebrate Greg's last full day as a single man, Saunders and I hosted a golf tournament and lunch for him. We started the day bright and early with a 7:45 meet time in the lobby of our hotel, which was super-early for Carlton (3:45 am) considering he lives on Arizona time!

The golfers were supposed to be the men (and Best Woman, of course) of the wedding party, but Andy (Jillian's brother) was busy baking the wedding cake and Adam (our cousin) still hadn't made it into NC due to his work schedule. We missed those who couldn't make it! Saunders, me, Greg, Dad, Carlton, and Trip (Jillian's dad) went to play golf at Crowder's Mountain.

The course was very beautiful- lush and green, nestled right up in the mountains. The morning startled with rain, but luckily the rain stopped before our 9:00 tee time. So, the weather was actually pretty nice- cool and overcast so we didn't get too hot or tired.

We divided into two teams to play- inlaws (Dad, Greg, and me) versus outlaws (Saunders, Carlton, and Trip). Carlton and I were the weakest links... Carlton hadn't played in seven years, and I hadn't played (until last Monday, when I had a practice round) since before I had Katie Anne. The inlaws started out slowly, with it taking me a few holes to work out the kinks. Once Greg showed me how to overcorrect to fix my slice, I did much better. Carlton did great! He hit some strong drives off the tee... he just needs to work on his superpower putting. The outlaws were leading after the first nine... +3 over par to +5 over par. However, the groom's team worked hard on the back nine to close the gap, and we wound up winning! Final scores were +7 for the inlaws and +10 for the outlaws. We had a great time!

The golfers... I know this picture is horribly off-center. I think the photographer was trying to get in some of the course.

A little father-son discussion before hole #1.

Saunders tees off.

Greg in his backswing.

Carlton shows us how it is done.

Dad swings his club.

Trip gets ready to hit the ball.

You can't see it in this picture, but my shirt says "Driving Diva" and has a girl driving a golf cart on it. :)

Greg shows Carlton some love.

Yes! Saunders celebrates a good drive.

Sister-Brother Cart.

Greg plays golf with the ducks.

The Jones Bros. Cart.

After golfing, we went to lunch at Hillbilly's BBQ and Steaks. We had a great day out!

The groom eats one of his last meals as a single man!

Dad and Saunders


Lil Carl


cindy glawson said...

I love the pictures. That is a beautiful course and it looks like it was a lot of fun!!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I am very proud of your shirt!

Vanessa said...

I love your shirt!!

Saunders said...

Who won?? Inquiring minds want to know!