Friday, October 24, 2008

Fairytale Day!

Today was Fairytale Day at Katie Anne's school. They've been studying different fairytales this month, and the kids could dress up as their favorite character for school today.

Katie Anne's teacher, Miss Amanda, is great. She really gets into all of their projects. For instance, this week the class has studied Cinderella. They've read the story every day, made glittery magic wands and pumpkin mosaics, and danced to the Disney Cinderella music. So, Katie Anne dressed up as The Fairy Godmother today! She loves The Fairy Godmother, and she loves to flip through her Cinderella book and look for her on each page.

Here are some pictures of her in her costume this morning.

The happy Fairy Godmother.

Come out, come out, Abby...

Katie Anne zaps Abby with a spell under the dining room table.

Then, she casts a spell on Ginger!

Here are some pictures of Katie Anne with her friends at school. As you can see, not too many kids dressed up, but Katie Anne likes to stand out, so she was fine with that.

Katie Anne and her friend Brodie.

Katie Anne's good friend Regina, or as she says "G-Nina".
Katie Anne's friend Jayden with her morning teacher, Carrie. We love Ms. Carrie, too!

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cindy glawson said...

How cute!! She really loves casting a spell on poor old Abby. That is funny.