Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Fall Decorations

Well, in con- sideration of the current economic times, I'm not going wild with decorating for fall this year. We're not planning on entertaining or anything, so I know there's really no need to put out my normal mums on the porch, pumpkins on the dining room table and buffet, new wreath on the door, etc. There's just no reason to spend the money.

But, I've been a little disappointed that there's just nothing in my house that says "fall". So, while KA and I were at Hobby Lobby today, I saw that they had their fall garlands on sale for 50% off. Since I had two pumpkins from Greg and Jillian's wedding, I got two long fall garlands and two burnt orange candles.

Tonight, after I put KA to bed, I rearranged the mantle to make it a little more fall. I used my big yellow olive jar, the Southern Living Barley Twist pedestal that I love but never seem to have a place that looks right for it, the centerpieces from Greg and Jillian's wedding, and the new candles and garland. So, it is almost all recycled material that I already had. I like it! I'm glad there's at least one place in the house that looks seasonal, and I'm glad that the whole look cost me less than $20!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

I love it! I have those same pumpkins...I didn't know they were Greg and Jillian's centerpieces...what a great idea:)

The Dillards said...

I am so glad that someone else has the urge to fall decorate! I bought the cutest little pumpkin guy today at Kirkland's because when I first saw him he was $40 and today he was only $20. Your fireplace looks great. I will put a pic of my guy up tomorrow.

Jillian said...

man oh man...those pumpkins are HOT!!! =)