Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saunders's Birthday Week Begins!

Yesterday, we started Saunders's birthday celebration. His 28th birthday celebration will last a week... starting yesterday with dinner at my parents', then doing something with his parents this week, and then he's headed to Athens with his friends and brother for the UGA-UT game this weekend!

So, last night we celebrated with my parents, Greg, and Jillian. My mom cooked Saunders a yummy birthday dinner of Chicken Allouette (I think that's the spelling), veggies in cheese sauce, potato medley, and black eyed peas. For dessert, we had one of Saunders's favorites- red velvet cake! And, Katie Anne and I got one of our favorites... petit fours! Katie Anne ate three petit fours and acted like a total goofball the rest of the night!

Katie Anne and Uncle "Zeg".
Gigi had the best trick of asking Katie Anne to make the snake sound, which is how we got this good smile!

The Birthday Boy and Granddad

Greg and Jillian

Gigi and Me

Katie Anne claps after we sang Happy Birthday!

Saunders got lots of fun stuff... cash from my parents, Tiger Woods 2009 for the Wii from Greg and Jillian, and Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Wii from Katie Anne and me. We took the Wii over to my parents' house, and everyone had a good time playing those games as well as Mario Kart. Tiger Woods is really hard- that's going to take some practice! Saunders tried Prince of Persia this morning, and I guess he enjoyed it since he played it for about 4 hours straight!

The crazy girl!

She cannot be contained!

Playing the Wii! Serious business.

Sister-Brother Faceoff. The Wii ain't no joke, people.

And, in probably the funniest and most embarrassing Wii experience of the night... I thought I was playing Yoshi, which is the character on bottom. I thought I was doing great! Actually, that's Greg's character. My character is the one bouncing into the wall in the top part of the screen... in 12th place.


Jillian said...

Those are some SERIOUS Wii faces lol!

PS- I saw some really cute coordinating fabrics at JoAnne's today...just an fyi lol

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Yay, for Saunders bday!! Let the celebrations begin:)

Trisha said...

I absolutely LOVE the ceramic pimp cups sitting on the table in the pictures of y'all cheesing during the meal. Where did you find them? I'm not kidding, they're awesome!